Moran Technology Consulting

MTC Supports the Next Frontier Project at Boise State University

For the last several months, MTC has been working with Boise State University as a part of their “Next Frontier” project, which looked to uplift and standardize data and analytics across the institution.  They started with a data warehouse environment of a few power users and quickly expanded to 1,000+ regular users without changing their services to align to the proliferation of data and reporting responsibilities.  MTC coordinated a Business Intelligence Assessment which involved holding stakeholder sessions across the university and within their IT teams to understand what was working well and what challenges existed in their current environment.

MTC produced a report which assessed Boise State’s current Business Intelligence environment and processes against best practice expectations and provided tangible recommendations on how to uplift their services to better align to Boise State’s strategic objectives.  This encompassed technical platforms, data governance, data management, and processes involved in Boise State’s  analytic landscape.

Take a look at the article Boise State recently published on the Next Frontier project to learn more!