Moran Technology Consulting

Management Consulting Services

MTC offers a full range of IT and management consulting services to our clients. 

IT Management Consulting Services

Take a look at our IT Management Consulting Services summary below, or head to our IT Management Consulting landing page!

Strategic IT Assessment and Planning

We combine extensive advisory management experience with proven methodologies to create practical and customized approaches to help each client address its planning needs

ERP Transformation Services

We offer a comprehensive package of ERP Transformation Services across the entire scope of ERP planning and replacements, from pre-implementation planning to the implementation itself, to the post-implementation planning period.

Organizational Transformation

Major changes to any institution may stress the IT organization’s effectiveness and necessitate major transformation or programmatic change. MTC has assisted many clients in identifying organizational change challenges and helping to support the needed changes. This includes activities such as process redesign / transformation, process documentation, and organizational change management.

Interim IT Management

Our firm has highly experienced IT Executives who can serve in a variety of interim management roles

Proven Methodologies

Technology-Enhanced Transformation Methodology

    Efficiently engaging hundreds of stakeholders in ERP requirements planning and leveraging process re-design and change management prior to implementation. Any new system involves some amount of process re-design and change management. The successful management of these two key components can make or break a project. We bring the expertise and resources necessary to assist our clients with a successful implementation.

Strategic Planning Methodology

    Our proven Higher Education Strategic Planning Methodology utilizes a Strategic Alignment Framework to help guide our project and retain a focus on keeping technology focused on the long term needs of the institution and its stakeholders. This Framework assesses the current alignment of technology resources and strategies with the strategic and tactical needs of the institution. Having conducted over 150 IT Strategic Assessment Planning projects, we have found a recurring set of assessment criteria that help us quickly shape our data collection efforts and drive out recommendations. Our approach typically covers several areas:
    • Assess your current situation: Where are you?
    • Determine your vision: What do you want to become?
    • Develop your plan: How do you get there?

Noteworthy Higher Education Support Organization Partnerships

We are proud supporters and members of several Higher Education support organizations:

Why Moran Technology Consulting

  • We are committed to the higher education community. We hire skilled consultants with extensive experience in working with education clients across literally hundreds of institutions across the US and Canada.
  • We create actionable recommendations based on our extensive experience of what works, and what doesn’t, in the culture of higher education. We understand the outstanding strengths of higher education and the challenges that inhibit even greater success.
  • Our firm has experience with institutions of all sizes: from small seminary schools with tens of students, to single and multi-campus community colleges, private and public institutions, and single and multi-campus colleges and universities.
  • We possess the project management skills and implementation methodology necessary to enable a thorough review of existing, proposed, and emerging technologies as well as the successful implementation of our recommendations.
  • We have significant experience in IT administration, management, and support and offer a broad range of consulting and service offerings.
  • We are a firm that is committed to the highest levels of client satisfaction as evidenced by our high level of repeat engagements with our clients.
  • Our consultants are known for providing thought leadership to our clients and have been speakers at many conferences both inside and outside of Higher Education.
  • We are a truly ‘vendor independent’ firm. We have no partnerships or other business relationships with any ERP software or systems integration firms. We provide completely unbiased advice and support to our clients.
  • We have significant experience in the implementation of education sector applications and offer a broad range of consulting and service offerings in the areas of infrastructure design and deployment, custom applications development and ERP systems.
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