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Business Process Redesign (BPR) for Successful System Changes  

Representatives of HESS Consortium and Moran Technology Consulting (MTC) recently discussed how to effectively assess and improve business processes, in support of institutional system changes. While business process redesign is often seen as an activity to be done during system implementation, doing process work before implementation can yield many benefits.  Benefits to be gained from clear understanding of current state, pain points, short-term opportunities, policy impacts, and future state focus were shared in a recent webinar. 

Many educational institutions are evaluating the possibility of replacing or improving their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) ecosystem, including Student, Human Resources, and Finance Information Systems.  Moran Technology Consulting has partnered with institutions who are planning for their system implementation or improvement projects. MTC provides a proven Business Process Redesign approach with multiple steps for effective planning and preparation, analysis of current state, design of future state, and action plans for improvement.   

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MTC & HESS Consortium Webinar with MTC’s Charlie Moran, Eric Hoffman, and Jane Courcy.


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