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Strategic IT Assessment and Planning

Strategic IT Assessment & Planning

We combine extensive management experience with proven methodologies to create practical and customized approaches to help each client address its planning needs.

Strategic IT Assessment and Planning

We believe that the ultimate success or failure of technology investments is based on an institution’s ability to strategically align its technology resources with its strategic goals and drivers. To be a success, a strategic planning effort must focus on helping an institution better leverage and focus its technology investments on the institution’s long-term strategic mission, goals and values. We focus on many areas during an IT Assessment, including:

  • ERP Effectiveness
  • User Support and Training
  • Instructional Technology Support
  • Cultural Issues Related to IT
  • Communications and Expectations Management
  • Governance of IT
  • Organization of IT
  • Strategic Planning
  • IT Funding Models and Strategies

Proven Methodology

Strategic Planning Methodology

    Our proven Higher Education Strategic Planning Methodology utilizes a Strategic Alignment Framework to help guide our project and retain a focus on keeping technology focused on the long term needs of the institution and its stakeholders. This Framework assesses the current alignment of technology resources and strategies with the strategic and tactical needs of the institution. Having conducted over 150 IT Strategic Assessment Planning projects, we have found a recurring set of assessment criteria that help us quickly shape our data collection efforts and drive out recommendations. Our approach typically covers several areas:

Assess your current situation: Where are you?

  • Review/Define Strategic Goals & Drivers
  • Assess Performance Effectiveness
  • Assess IT Service Effectiveness
  • Assess IT Organizational Effectiveness
  • Assess IT Alignment with Organizational Goals

Determine your vision: What do you want to become?

  • Conduct Industry/Peer “Best Practices” Review
  • Conduct Emerging Technology Scan
  • Establish Strategic Vision
  • Establish Strategic IT Goals
  • Assess Readiness for Change

Develop your plan: How do you get there?

  • Develop Business / Institutional architecture
  • Develop IT Architecture
  • Develop IT Standards / Policies
  • Develop Long Term IT Strategies
  • Develop Potential Project/Initiative List
  • Justify and Prioritize Projects/Initiatives
  • Develop Implementation Plan
  • Develop New IT Organizational Model
  • Develop IT Governance Model

Why Moran Technology Consulting

  • We have deep knowledge and experience in higher education
  • We know the factors that lead to organizational success and potential failure
  • We have extensive Strategic IT Assessment and Planning skills and experience
  • We provide skilled functional and technical resources
  • We have worked with small, medium and large, multi-campus institutions, both public and private
  • We are fully committed to helping you align resources to meet your institution’s needs
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