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Moran Technology Consulting: A New Era of Employee Ownership

Moran Technology Consulting is proud to announce our transition to an employee-owned firm through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).

Moran Technology Consulting (MTC) has been a trusted provider of expert IT management consulting services for higher education institutions for nearly 20 years. Our success is rooted in four core values: partnership, expertise, impact, and care.

As we transition to an employee-owned firm, these values remain steadfast, ensuring exceptional service for our clients.

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About Moran Technology’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan

Proudly Employee Owned

What does it mean?
With Moran Technology Consulting’s transition to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), our employees are now part-owners of the company they have helped build.

Why it matters:
This ownership structure aligns interests with MTC’s long-term success and empowers our team to bring their best ideas and efforts to every engagement, ultimately benefiting our clients who can count on a motivated, dedicated invested partner in MTC.

Moran Technology Consulting

Advantages as an ESOP

An ESOP allows us to transition ownership to our dedicated team, ensuring that the same people who have contributed to our growth and success over the years remain at the helm, preserving our client relationships, industry focus, and the welfare of our valued consultants.

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Aligned Interests

Fosters a strong partnership mentality, aligning the interests of our employee-owners with the success of our clients, resulting in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

Collaborative Ownership

Collaborate and share knowledge to leverage collective expertise, delivering innovative solutions that benefit our clients.

Exceptional Service

Reinforces our commitment to quality, ensuring that our clients can expect the same exceptional service they have always received from the MTC team.

Enduring Stability

Ensures long-term stability and continuity for our clients, providing them with the same employee-owners who deeply understand their unique needs and deliver consistent, reliable support and expertise.

“As we hit 20 years of continuous operation it was important to the partners that we consider how to ensure the firm continues to thrive for another 20+ years. Giving our team members ownership of the firm felt like the best possible way to accomplish that goal – there could be no better stewards of MTC than our outstanding team.”

– Charlie Moran, Sr. Partner & CEO

“One of the things we love about the ESOP structure is how it reflects what we value and what our clients value. It translates our emphasis on partnership into the actual structure of the firm. We’ve had other opportunities to transition ownership, but none of them felt right for us or our employees – this feels right and we are excited to move forward as an employee-owned organization.”

– Paul Giebel, Partner and Chief Operating Officer

Looking forward: A Bright Future as an Employee-Owned Firm

As Moran Technology Consulting transitions to an employee-owned company through an ESOP, our commitment to our clients and the higher education IT community remains steadfast.

We are grateful for your trust and look forward to continuing to serve as your dedicated partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of higher education technology. If you have any questions about our ESOP transition, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.